Are you ready to transform your look and unleash your inner Tumblr girl? Say goodbye to envy and hello to empowerment as we dive into a collection of makeup tutorials designed for women who adore the effortlessly stylish aesthetic of Tumblr. From dreamy eyes to plump lips, each tutorial will guide you step-by-step in recreating the mesmerizing looks that have captivated thousands of likes. Get ready to step into the world of Tumblr-inspired beauty and unveil the secrets to becoming the most gorgeous version of yourself. Let’s dive in!

7 Makeup Tutorials for Women Who Love Tumblr ...

Makeup Tutorials Inspired by Tumblr

If you’ve ever admired the stunning looks of Tumblr girls and wished you could recreate them, you’re in luck! These makeup tutorials are designed specifically for women who love the Tumblr aesthetic. Get ready to transform your look and capture the essence of those gorgeous posts.

Tutorial 1: Tumblr Inspired Makeup and Hair

Looking to achieve the complete Tumblr girl vibe? This tutorial has you covered not only with makeup tips but also with hairstyling tricks. Learn how to darken your brows, create winged eyeliner, and rock a dark pink lip gloss. Then, discover how to twist your hair into two cute braids for the perfect finishing touch.

Tutorial 2: Everyday Makeup Routine

Want a sweet and innocent look that doesn’t appear overly made-up? This tutorial offers an everyday makeup routine that strikes the perfect balance between natural and glam. Uncover the secrets to achieving a look that will make you as pretty as your favorite Tumblr crush, without looking like your makeup is caked on.

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Tutorial 3: Typical Tumblr Inspired Makeup Tutorial

If you appreciate the casual yet fabulous aesthetic of Tumblr, this makeup routine is for you. Learn how to create light, dreamy eyes, achieve glowing cheeks, and rock peach lips effortlessly. This look is perfect for those times when you want to appear effortlessly beautiful, even if you spent some time perfecting it.

Tutorial 4: A Tumblr Inspired Everyday Look

Heading to school or planning a fun day out with friends? This makeup tutorial will help you create an everyday look that captures the Tumblr spirit. Start with moisturizing your face, then apply foundation and concealer. Dive into the details of achieving dark eyes with light inner corners and bright, full lips that will turn heads wherever you go.

Tutorial 5: Tumblr Baddie School Routine

Ready to slay with a Tumblr baddie look? This tutorial will guide you through using light eyeshadow, rocking pink lipstick, and achieving the perfect orange blush. Discover pro tips for creating flawless brows and adding a subtle highlight to your face. Plus, learn a new hairstyle that complements this trendy makeup style.

Tutorial 6: Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Get ready to replicate a popular look frequently seen on Tumblr and Instagram. This tutorial offers a step-by-step guide to contouring your face for plumper lips and a more defined nose. Enhance your eyes with shimmery eyeshadow, curl your lashes, and add mascara for added drama. Don’t forget the finishing touch – a flawless lip liner to complete the look.

Tutorial 7: Full Faced Glam Makeup Tutorial

If you’re not afraid to embrace bold and unique looks, this tutorial is a must-try. Dive into a full-faced glam makeup routine that will turn heads wherever you go. Experiment with dramatic eyes, perfectly shaped brows, and lips that demand attention. This look will make you feel like a complete badass and leave a lasting impression.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest trends by exploring these popular searches on Tumblr. Discover what’s capturing the attention of the community and find inspiration for your next makeup adventure. Get ready to stay ahead of the game and incorporate these trending ideas into your own unique style.

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Which Tumblr-Inspired Makeup Routine Will You Try?

Congratulations! You’re now armed with an arsenal of Tumblr-inspired makeup tutorials that will help you redefine your look and express your unique style. It’s time to unleash your creativity and make heads turn with your stunning makeup artistry. So, which tutorial caught your eye? Whether you choose the bold and glamorous or the sweet and casual, don’t be afraid to experiment and make these looks your own. Embrace your individuality and let your inner Tumblr girl shine. Now go forth, create, and conquer the world!