In the world of beauty, where every product has a story to tell and every makeup enthusiast seeks the latest trends and beauty hacks, BeautyHihi stands tall as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. Founded in 2015, BeautyHihi has embarked on an incredible 8-year journey, sharing its passion for the beauty industry with the world.

The Genesis of BeautyHihi

BeautyHihi was born out of a deep love for all things beauty. While the journey began in 2015, its roots trace back to the creative mind of Betty J. Poulson, who started this magnificent venture from her charming, blush-pink bedroom. Over the years, the surroundings may have changed, perhaps a fresh coat of paint and the inevitable passage of time, but the unwavering commitment to the world of cosmetics remained the same.

A Global Beauty Connection

What sets BeautyHihi apart is its global and highly engaged audience. From its origins in the UK and NYC, BeautyHihi has transcended boundaries, resonating with beauty enthusiasts worldwide. The vibrant and passionate community that surrounds BeautyHihi has been the driving force behind its remarkable success and exciting ventures.

Recognitions and Accolades

Eight years of relentless dedication have not gone unnoticed. BeautyHihi has been honored with several prestigious industry awards, acknowledging its exceptional contributions to the world of beauty. Notable among these awards are the Cosmopolitan Blog Award, the Blogosphere Magazine Award, among many others.

Join Us in Our Beauty Adventure

At BeautyHihi, we believe that beauty is an endlessly captivating tale. We are constantly on the hunt for the latest beauty launches, cult-favorite products, and celebrity must-haves. Our mission is simple: to document our beauty adventures and share them with you, our cherished audience. Together, let’s explore the ever-evolving world of beauty, from timeless classics to groundbreaking innovations.
Whether you are a seasoned beauty aficionado or just starting your journey, BeautyHihi welcomes you to discover the beauty secrets, stories, and people that make the world of cosmetics so enchanting.
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BeautyHihi invites you to embrace the beauty within and join us in celebrating the art of self-expression through makeup and skincare.